Kansas City Chiefs Are Underdogs In Battle Of NFL’s Worst Teams

The Jacksonville Jaguars will have something to say about it, but Sunday’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders at the Coliseum could end up deciding the top pick in April’s NFL Draft.

If playing one of the best rivalry games as nothing more than a punch line around the league wasn’t enough, the Chiefs have the distinction of heading into Oakland as three point underdogs.

This will only be the fourth time the three-win Raiders are favored at home and fifth time overall this season. For their part, the two-win Chiefs have gone 2-4 on the road against the spread, making you think they might (!!) be able to keep things close. After all, that seems to be all it takes to earn praise from Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel.

The No. 1 pick being on the line means a lot to the franchise, but for the current Chiefs players it’s likely the last winnable game of the season. The amazing Indianapolis Colts are on deck followed by the Denver Broncos and if you think Kansas City has a chance in either of those games, you may want to pay a visit to your doctor.

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