Chiefs Will Need A QB, Tim Tebow Will Need A Team


Let the debate begin. Tim Tebow is one of the biggest lightning rods in all of sports and for the second time in as many seasons, he will be available to any team that is interested.

I think the Kansas City Chiefs should be one of those teams.

We don’t need to waste much time on what Tebow isn’t. It’s clear he isn’t ever going to be a quarterback that makes his living in the pocket.

We also don’t need to talk much about what Tebow is. He’s a fantastic runner that has shown the ability to get the job done in crunch time and by all accounts is one of the best players off the field the league has seen, maybe ever.

What we do need to talk about is how terrible the Chiefs quarterback situation has been for years. Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn have been abysmal but we shouldn’t forget about the others we’ve been forced to watch: Tyler Palko, Brodie Croyle, Matt Gutierrez, Tyler Thigpen, Damon Huard and Quinn Gray have all seen action since Trent Green ended his run in Kansas City.

Say (or more likely yell) what you want about Tebow, but in his only season as a starter — even though it wasn’t until the sixth game of the year — he won a playoff game. In case you didn’t know (I can’t blame anyone from Kansas City for this) the playoffs are a tournament that starts after the 17 weeks of regular season games.

As I’m sure you are aware, the Chiefs have not won a playoff game since 1993. Tim Tebow was six years old.

Before you wave off the idea of adding Tebow this offseason, you should at least recognize that few teams are better suited to potentially win with him under center than the Chiefs. Kansas City is already built to run the football and have nowhere near the weapons at wide receiver needed to put together a legitimate air attack.

Then there is the top pick in April’s NFL Draft that the Chiefs could soon lock up. There aren’t any quarterbacks worth the No. 1 overall pick and depending on how they test in private workouts, who knows if there will be someone worth betting can be a franchise player at the top of the second round.

It’s also important to remember Tebow will cost significantly less in the way of draft picks than any of the in-demand backups around the league like Alex Smith, Matt Flynn and Kirk Cousins. Depending on how much interest the Jacksonville Jaguars show in Tebow, he could be released and had for nothing more than a modest contract.

Finally — but in the end potentially most important in the eyes of Chiefs ownership — bringing in Tebow would immediately make the Chiefs relevant again. With just one move Clark Hunt would put his team in the center of a national debate and an embarrassing two win season wouldn’t be the focus.

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