Chiefs Won’t See Much Of Josh Freeman

Todd Haley isn’t saying just how much action Matt Cassel and the rest of the first team offense will play in the Chiefs second preseason game this weekend against Tampa Bay.

The coach on the other side of the field has a number in mind for his QB, former Kansas State star Josh Freeman, though that could change.

“You want to go out there and get him 12 to 15 snaps,” head coach Raheem Morris said.

“Unless something happens — like he goes out there and goes 4-for-4 and throws a touchdown.  Then you s

ay, ‘Okay, that’s enough.’ ”

So if any K-State fans are hoping to sit down on Saturday night and watch Freeman you better get in front of the TV early on.  Even if he gets in the full 15 snaps, Freeman won’t last too long unless the Chiefs defense is absolutely dominant, which in that case we would all be happy to see the Kansas City native playing very deep into the game.

The more likely scenario is that we will get a heavy dose of the immortal Josh Johnson.

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