Chiefs Work Out Group Of Specialists

The Kansas City Chiefs were busy working out a handful of players this week as they continue to evaluate their under performing roster. That much isn’t a surprise, but it’s the positions in town for a try out that is a bit of a head scratcher.

The team hosted long snappers Bryce Davis, Patrick Scales, Joe Zelenka, punter Daniel Sepulveda and kicker Matt Syzmanski, according to Aaron Wilson.

No one will argue the Chiefs special teams have been anything to write home about, but their problems have been primarily with the coverage units and not the actual specialists.

Ryan Succop has been perfect on field goal attempts since missing one opening day against the Atlanta Falcons. He also signed a five-year, $14 million contract last December, making him one of the least likely Kansas City players to need a replacement.

Though he’s been overrated by the fans, Dustin Colquitt is still a solid punter that has shown the potential to be special. Though his net average is very, well, average, only one other player has placed more punts inside the 20 this season.

As for current long snapper Thomas Gafford, the fact that we haven’t talked about him much this season should tell use everything we need to know about him. Just like the refs during a game, the best ones are the ones we never have to discuss.

Every team needs to be prepared to fill a roster spot quickly in case of injury, but it just seems like a team sitting at 1-5 could be focusing their efforts better than working out a bunch of players at positions that aren’t a need.

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