Chiefs WR Jerheme Urban Gets A Helping Hand

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Over the weekend, Chiefs WR Jerheme Urban held his third annual Quarterbacks and Receivers Camp in Texas.  Just as important to Urban as helping out local kids is the support he was shown from his family, friends, coaches and former college teammates.

“From a personal side of things it just means a ton,” Urban said.  “It means that these guys respect what I’ve done.  They’re willing to put their name on something.

“For most of them it’s driving 2 or 3 hours to donate their time.  Some of these guys have established quite a reputation themselves so for them to put their name on this and come down and validate it means a ton.”

Kenny Brunette played with Urban at Trinity and has been an instructor at all three camps.

“The first thing that stood out for me about Jerheme was his determination and his hard work that kind of set the tone,” said Brunette, who was a year behind Urban at Trinity.  “He was kind of the example that we all followed out there even as a younger guy on the team he was always the one putting the most effort in and the hardest worker out there.”

Travis Munro was a junior when Urban arrived at Trinity, but was impressed by his skills and his drive to improve.

“He’s the perfect example of what hard work will do for you,” Munro said.  “From my standpoint, I consider him a freak athlete.  But for him the level he’s on, he considers himself a hard worker with guys who are more talented than he is.  His hard work has put him where he is.”

Anytime you have a player take time out of his down time before training camp starts, it’s a big deal.  But add in the fact that Urban’s camp was a completely free event and it tells you a lot about the Chiefs receiver and his former teammates.

With the Chiefs having one of the best reputations in the league for being involved in the community, Urban should fit right in.

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