Chris Chambers Hears It From Todd Haley

(photo via John Sleezer)

The Kansas City Chiefs offense has taken very few shots down the field over the first two games of the season.  One of those attempts during this weekend’s victory over the Cleveland Browns was intercepted in front of Chris Chambers by CB Sheldon Brown.  Chambers got an earful from Todd Haley for not breaking the play up.

“Todd got after me a little bit because I should have knocked the ball down,” Chambers said.  “He told me it was my fault for not giving a better effort to do that.

“It’s tough because he has coached receivers, and the first thing he looks at is the receivers, how we block, how we run routes, how we get open.  We have our own receivers coach with Richie (Anderson) and (offensive coordinator Charlie Weis) coached receivers back in the day, so it was a little tough on us.

“But it’s good in the end because we are learning and we are getting better.”

Chambers caught 36 passes and scored four touchdowns in nine games for the Chiefs last year and averaged almost 17 yards per catch.  This season he has four receptions, no touchdowns and an average of less than 12 yards.

“We’ve got to continue to work, continue to learn… We know the things we need to work on.  We’re very critical of the mistakes we’ve made.  It’s not all on the quarterback or the line or the receivers.  We want to get separation (from defenders) and make plays for our quarterback.”

I’ve had plenty of disagreements with Haley this year, but not here.  If you follow me on Twitter, I said immediately that Chambers should have broken up the pass.  It’s not so much that he gave up on the route, but he never fought for the ball either.

The ball was (shockingly) under thrown, but Chambers is bigger (height and weight) and can’t let Brown pull that ball down.  That is where you need your receiver to turn into a defensive back and bat the ball away.

Cassel absolutely has to play better and until he does it’s the responsibility of the receivers and tight ends to go the extra mile every time out.  Haley will tell you they need to do that on every route, but that’s not realistic or necessary when you have a quarterback playing at a high level.

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