Chambers: I Didn’t See Eye To Eye With Haley

When the Kansas City Chiefs released their list of eight inactive players before Sunday’s game against the Ravens, the name that stuck out was WR Chris Chambers.  Playing in his spot was Kevin Curtis, who had been signed just days earlier.  The veteran told The Star that he doesn’t understand what happened but wasn’t surprised either.

“I had kind of seen the writing on the wall a little bit because my (snaps) were being cut in practice and I still wasn’t getting any information about it from my receiving coach,” Chambers said.  “I’m a veteran receiver with the most playoff experience, and you’d think they’d want me out there, and that wasn’t the case.  I still haven’t talked to the coach about it yet.”

“I thought it had more of a negative effect on our team, me not being out there. Guys were wondering, ‘Why are you not playing?’  It’s guys that respect me, believe in me.  I felt it was going to be my opportunity to (make up for) a disappointing season from a production standpoint.”

“We didn’t see eye to eye on some things,” Chambers said, speaking of Haley.  “I didn’t think I had too much of an opportunity.  I didn’t get a lot of targets, maybe two targets a game.  I don’t think any receiver can be productive doing that.  I don’t know whether they gave up on me.”

Leaving Chambers inactive didn’t confuse me as much as the team keeping him on the roster at all down the stretch.  It’s been clear for a while that, for whatever reason, he was not going to serve the same type of role that he did last season.  It’s one thing when you are someone like Curtis that is just happy to have a job and can do a little bit of everything, but Chambers has been “the guy” as recently as last season.

When you decided to leave Chambers on the roster just to leave him in street clothes for the playoffs is a sure fire way to alienate at least some portion of the team.  Haley managed to get the Chiefs to take a huge step forward this season, but I would love to see less of these sort of tactics next year and beyond.  When a guy doesn’t fit, let him go and find a job somewhere else instead of embarrassing him with a replacement off the street.

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