Chris Chambers: No One Ever Gave Up

The Kansas City Chiefs allowed Chris Chambers to test free agency before re-signing him but, according to the receiver, he never wanted to play anywhere else.

“All along, I wanted to be here,” Chambers said.  “I knew how I felt and I knew how the team felt and that eventually we were going to get something done.”

He played in nine games for Kansas City and wound up tied for third with 36 catches, four of them for touchdowns.

“I got a chance to know the team last year, the players, the coaches and everyone,” Chambers said.  “They all embraced me as soon as I came in.  I was able to be successful.  Matt Cassel and I built a relationship over the past three months, which I never had with a quarterback.  He’s a guy I wanted to play with.  He was definitely a huge part in me wanting to return.

“I felt like the team had a great nucleus of guys.  We were fighting and scrapping and trying to win games.  No one ever gave up.  Everybody practiced really hard.  Those are the type of guys you want to play football with.  Eventually, things are going to turn around.”

No player is going to rip a team that just guaranteed him $5.9 million, but there’s also no need to praise the teams as much as Chambers did.  I think that speaks volumes about the program that Todd Haley and Scott Pioli have installed over the past year.

There were rumors bouncing around during the season about how the “veteran players” on the Chiefs were not happy about all of the hard work they had to go through.  If things were so bad, Chambers would have jumped at the chance to play for Cincinnati or any other team in need of help at wide receiver.

The writers that only want to talk about how bad the Haley/Pioli regime is will no doubt say that Chambers had no choice but to return to Kansas City.  Yet if you look at the unrestricted free agent wide receivers available, once you get past Terrell Owens and Antonio Bryant the pickings are slim.

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