Chris Johnson Wants To Entertain You

When the Chiefs and Titans last met, Chris Johnson did what he has done to plenty of teams around the NFL, he used his “get away from the cops speed” for huge runs. 

He tallied 168 yards on just 18 carries, including a 66-yard touchdown that he celebrated by playing the Chiefs’ pep band’s bongos in the end zone.  Don’t take it the wrong way though, Johnson told John Glennon that it was all in good fun.

“I didn’t really do the celebration to disrespect Kansas City,” Johnson said.  “It was just that I like entertainment.  I like entertaining the fans.  So I was just trying to do some entertaining.”

Johnson said he has no plans to celebrate in similar fashion on Sunday.  In fact he couldn’t, since the Chiefs no longer have such a band.

“I’m just going in there trying to get a victory and whatever plays out, plays out,” Johnson said.

Not that the Chiefs should need any more motivation considering their playoff lives are at stake, but I’m sure Romeo Crennel has referenced bongos more than once.  If it were up to me, I would have his touchdown and celebration playing every time the Chiefs defense walks into the locker room this week.

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