Clark Hunt Comments On Owners CBA Vote

After the NFL owners approved a proposed new CBA by a 31-0 vote, Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt released a statement.

“It’s been a long process; a tedious process.  I do think we’ve ended up with a deal that’s fair to both sides.  As (N.Y. Giants President and CEO John Mara) mentioned, not everyone got what they wanted in the deal, but that usually is a sign of a fair agreement.  I want to specifically thank the players who took part in the process, Jeff Saturday, Dominique Foxworth and the others.  Their work was tremendous.  We would not be standing here today without their steadfast involvement in the process over the last several weeks.  I can just say on behalf of the Kansas City Chiefs and their fans that we’re looking forward to getting back to football.”

It’s amazing that just as the owners agreed this deal and prepared for the players to do the same that DeMaurice Smith sent an email to the players saying there was no deal.  All of a sudden what was as close to celebration as possible, now has quickly regressed to name-calling again.

C’mon folks, we’re right on the verge of a deal with several people on the owners side saying they believed there was a handshake deal with Smith.

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