Clayton: Draft Or Two Away From Respectability

In his latest mailbag, ESPN’s John Clayton was asked why there isn’t any talk about Kansas City being a much improved team.  Clayton made it clear he doesn’t expect much from the Chiefs this season.

The Chiefs are still a draft or two away from respectability.  I think they are good enough to get to six wins this season.  Maybe they can catch a break and get to seven.  What’s holding them back is the run-after-catch ability of their receivers.  Matt Cassel is an efficient quarterback, but he doesn’t have a strong arm.  The offensive line should be a little better, and the defense is starting to shape up.  During Herm Edwards’ last couple of years, the team got too old and the talent dropped off too far.  At least the Chiefs are making progress.

Nothing like a talking head at ESPN to throw some cold water on the Chiefs solid offseason.

I get that the Chiefs still have a ways to go before they are considered Super Bowl contenders, but a seven win season would be a huge disappointment.  An improvement from last season’s four wins, but a disappointment all the same.

Last year’s receivers didn’t offer much run-after-catch ability but Dexter McCluster should hopefully go a long way towards solving that problem. Same for the offensive line.  Ryan Lilja taking over at guard with a full year of Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones running the football will make the line more than “a little better”.

Considering their schedule and hopeful improvements on both sides of the ball, here at the end of May I would say nine wins and a run at the wild card is a realistic goal for the Chiefs.

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