Clayton: No Playoffs In Kansas City

In his latest column, ESPN’s John Clayton was answering a handful of questions from readers when the talk turned to the Chiefs.  A fan from Houston wondered if Kansas City had added enough in the offseason to make the playoffs.  Clayton isn’t quite sold that this team is a finished product.

Playoffs, no.  Better team, yes.  Weis’ biggest challenge is squeezing more points and yards out of this offense.  Matt Cassel proved in New England he can be a solid quarterback who’s capable of taking a team to the playoffs if he is surrounded by the right talent.  I’m not sold he has enough yards-after-the-catch wide receivers at the moment.  Weis can try to scheme a lot of things to get more yards after the catch, but Cassel can’t make up for his lack of downfield arm strength.  He doesn’t have a strong arm.  As you remember, Trent Green didn’t have the strongest arm, but his strong supporting cast made the offense work.  On defense, the Chiefs will be better, particularly with Crennel calling the plays.  They will be better this season, and you might see a playoff run in 2011.

It may be typical June optimism, but I wouldn’t be so quick to write off a run at a playoff spot for the 2010 Kansas City Chiefs.

Clayton’s biggest issues are with the offense and that is where Scott Pioli made the most improvements.  In searching for more yards-after-the-catch receivers, the Chiefs drafted Dexter McCluster, re-signed Chris Chambers and brought in free agent Thomas Jones from the Jets, which will allow Jamaal Charles to work more out of the slot.

The San Diego Chargers are still the class of the division, but I have to use that word loosely.  It would be hard for anyone to look at their offseason and feel that the Chargers are a better team this year than last.  That’s not even taking into account the contract issues they are facing with what seems like half of their roster.

The Chargers are no lock this season.

I’m not serving Super Bowl Kool-Aid, but there’s no way I’m willing to accept that there’s no chance for the Chiefs to make the playoffs in the middle of June.

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