The Kansas City Chiefs Might Trade For A QB, But It Won’t Be Colin Kaepernick

There isn’t a quarterback on the Kansas City Chiefs roster that has a future with the franchise. So that obviously has fans looking around for the next signal caller to try and turn things around.

The Chiefs will have a high pick in April’s draft, but the current crop of college quarterbacks aren’t exactly lighting the world on fire. That could lead the new Kansas City general manager to try and find his quarterback of the future on another team.

After his impressive performance against the Chicago Bears in front of a national TV audience, the net was buzzing over San Francisco 49ers backup Colin Kaepernick. Filling in for the concussed Alex Smith, Kaepernick was 16-for-23, 243 yards, two touchdowns and no turnovers (!!).

Of course as he was cutting up the Bears defense, Chiefs fans took to Twitter so they could plead for Kaepernick to be the next Kansas City quarterback.

There is plenty of sarcasm in there, just poking fun at how terrible Chiefs quarterbacks. But there are no shortage of fans that are all about bringing in the exciting 25-year-old.

Not to throw water on a source of hope that has barely been alive, but the Niners aren’t about to part with Kaepernick this offseason even if Smith is the clear cut starter. Not only does he know the system, but he’s super cheap. Kaepernick’s contract runs through 2014 and pays him less than $1 million each year.

A more likely backup that could land in Kansas City is the hot name from last season’s free agent market, Matt Flynn of the Seattle Seahawks. After sitting behind Aaron Rodgers, Flynn landed a three-year, $26 million contract with $10 million in guarantees.

Rookie Russell Wilson beat out Flynn in training camp and now he should find himself on the trade market for a reasonable package of picks. Other than not having to give up too much in the way of draft picks, owner Clark Hunt might be willing to sign off on the move because the Seahawks have already paid $8 million of the $10 million he’s guaranteed.

Hunt would love to be able to get a look at Flynn without having to be on the hook for more than his $5.25 million base salary in 2013. If he turns out to be worthy of building around, Flynn would still be under contract for $6.25 million in 2014 before hitting free agency.

Will the Chiefs want to take another trip down the backup QB aisle after failing miserably with Matt Cassel? That is a decision that will need to be made by the Chiefs new general manager, but Flynn is the most likely target if they try to go that route again.

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