Colquitt Vs. Colquitt

When the Kansas City Chiefs travel to Denver to take on the Broncos, it will be a family reunion of sorts.  Brothers Dustin and Britton Colquitt will be be punting on opposite sidelines for the first time in their lives.  Britton is the late bloomer of the family, but he seems more impressed with Dustin’s path to the NFL.

Dustin is a right-hander who, through sheer will, made himself into a left-footed punter.

“The drop is everything in punting, and he didn’t really know what to do,” Britton said.  “So he had to get ambidextrous fast.  So he started brushing his teeth left-handed, dribbling a basketball left-handed, doing all kinds of things to be as ambidextrous as possible so he could drop left-handed.”

Dustin ranked in the top 10 in net punting yardage in each of the last four seasons.

“I think it ended up being a strength for him because he’s had to put so much focus on it,” Britton said.  “His left hand, it’s only job is making the drop.  And it’s made him really consistent.”

The Colquitts — mom, dad and their two sons who were raised in Knoxville, Tenn., and punted for their hometown Tennessee Volunteers — will gather for an early dinner Saturday in Denver.

And the story of the punting Colquitt’s adds one more chapter.

Dustin and Britton are having eerily similar seasons.  Both have a net average of 37.5 and are only a half yard apart in overall punting average.  The biggest difference has to do with Dustin’s biggest problem of late: touchbacks.  For the season, Britton has only put 3 punts in the end zone while Dustin has that many over the past two games and 6 on the year.

The past few games have not been kind to Dustin, but maybe going up against his brother will help snap him back to his early season form.

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