Colts Release Former Chief DaJuan Morgan

During the week, former Chiefs safety DaJuan Morgan was expected to have a big impact for the Colts this week.  That was until he was unexpectedly let go by Indianapolis this morning.

Morgan, in the mix to start for injured Melvin Bullitt, has been waived.  His spot on the roster has been filled by linebacker Tyjuan Hagler.

Aaron Francisco, signed earlier in the week, will start at safety alongside Antoine Bethea.

How odd is this?  It would be one thing if Francisco had been with the team all year, but he was one of the few players that has been in Indianapolis less time than Morgan.  Francisco was signed Tuesday after it was determined that Bullitt would be out for the year.

It’s important for the Chiefs to run the ball today, I’ve been pretty clear about that this week.  When you see the Indianapolis secondary in shambles, it’s going to be very tempting for Charlie Weis and Todd Haley to test the middle of the field.  It will be fascinating to see how they balance the running game with the shots down the middle.

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