Company Owned By Tony Gonzalez In Hot Water

Former Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez may now be playing in Atlanta, but he still has plenty of connections to Kansas City.  One of those connections is a cleaning company that he co-owns and according to Randolph Heaster Xtreme Clean 88 is charged with failing to make sufficient benefit payments last year at Arrowhead.

Prevailing wage laws require that public bodies awarding work on projects ensure that contractors pay competitive wages and benefits.  In many cases, unionized contractors seek prevailing wage requirements so they will not be severely underbid by nonunion contractors.

In the case of Xtreme Clean, 19 employees working on the Arrowhead project last year were not provided prevailing wage on the benefits portion of their pay, said Jackson County Prosecutor Jim Kanatzar.

A breakdown within the company led to the missed payments, said Jay Thomas, a lawyer for Xtreme Clean.  More than $20,000 of about $26,000 in lost benefits to the employees had been paid when the legal action occurred.

Thomas said he was confident the rest of the payments would be made and the matter resolved without further legal developments.

This is more embarrassing to Gonzalez than anything else.  I don’t think anyone thinks he has much say in how the company is run day-to-day and certainly isn’t making sure the payroll is correct.

You need to be able to trust the people that work for you to do things the right way and clearly Gonzalez had someone in his company that proved wasn’t capable of that responsibility.  The remaining shortage will be paid and this will all go away for Gonzalez and Xtreme Clean.

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