Rob Riggle Talks Chiefs On Conan

Actor, comedian and marine Rob Riggle has never been shy about his lifelong love of the Kansas City Chiefs. He has helped the Chiefs pump up the crowd by recording lines from his movies to show on the jumbotron and before the season he and buddy Paul Rudd even cut a bunch of hilarious videos for the Chiefs official site (“The Raiders should just drop out of the NFL“).

So it should come as no surprise that the Chiefs came up during his appearance on “Conan” Wednesday night.

“I’m a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan,” Riggle told host Conan O’Brien as he received several screams from the audience.  “That’s my team, do or die.  Sorry to all you Raiders fans.”

Riggle went on to talk about how he got involved with the Chiefs Monday night games and even shares some of his crowd pumping up secrets with Conan.

The Chiefs come up seven minutes into the interview, which you can see below.

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