Cory Greenwood Coming Back To Kansas City

As the deadline to sign players for next season (until a new CBA) was approaching, the Kansas City Chiefs made sure to lock up one of their best special teams players, Cory Greenwood, according to Joel Thorman.

Greenwood’s agent confirmed to me this afternoon that his client will be staying in red next year.  The Chiefs offered him a one-year contract, which he accepted.

Most everyone knows Greenwood’s story by now.  He was the third overall pick in the CFL draft last year but chose to come to Kansas City where he was a surprise special teams contributor.

No brainer for both sides.  Todd Haley loved how hard the kid played on special teams, keeping him active for all 17 Chiefs games this season, while Greenwood wasn’t about to head back north after getting to play with the best in the world.

With his speed, Greenwood should be able to eventually contribute on defensive to go along with his standout special team play.  The question for such a raw prospect will be just how long it will take.  As the Chiefs look to take another step forward, they can’t afford to have many people learning on the job, so don’t pencil him into the defense just yet.

No matter where you stand on his potential, most of us can agree he’s an easy guy to root for.

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