Cory Greenwood Tries His Hand At Coaching

Every player is spending their time during the NFL lockout differently.  For Kansas City Chiefs LB Cory Greenwood, he is helping out as a guest coach at Queen’s University in his native Canada.

“I’m training at Queen’s,” said the personable Concordia University graduate.  “I see all the guys and all the coaches at Queen’s.  I just said that I’d love to come out.  It’s either this or helping little kids.  I get more out of helping these guys because I’m fresh out of the CIS [Canadian Interuniversity Sport, think NCAA] game.”

Wearing a Chiefs sweater and shorts in cool weather this week, Greenwood was assisting the linebackers and the special teams units. He was a rookie standout for Chiefs special teams during a surprising 2010 playoff campaign.

“All our kids would love to play in the NFL and I think it’s terrific motivation for them to have Greenwood at spring camp,” [head coach Pat] Sheahan said. “Here’s a guy who grew up in the neighbourhood who is playing in the NFL.”

“Cory’s very good with the kids. He has has a nice way about him. He has rolled up his sleeves and really helped out.”

At linebacker, the Gaels have the reigning Ontario University Athletics rookie of the year in Sam Sabourin.

“He looks real good out there,” Greenwood said of Sabourin.  “Better than I was my first year at Concordia, that’s for sure.  I was also a few year older than him.  His testing numbers were above mine.”

Even though it’s not quite like being around NFL or even big-time college talent, Greenwood is helping himself spending time around organized football.  He’s taking care of his workouts, which is key, but this will help him keep his mind on X’s and Os’ as well.

There aren’t a lot of guys from Canada that make it all the way to the NFL, so it will be interesting to see if a guy like Sabourin follows in Greenwood’s footsteps.

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