Could Terrell Owens Be Headed For The AFC West?

The Oakland Raiders have gone through the entire offseason without making one shocking move (JaMarcus Russell being cut couldn’t have shocked anyone).  Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group thinks Al Davis and company should still plan on making that splash.

The corps of Raiders wide receivers were woefully thin with the absence of Chaz Schilens (recovering from foot surgery) and Louis Murphy (sprained ankle).

Terrell Owens, anyone?

Offer him an incentive-laden contract and cut him at the first sign of trouble and there’s considerably more reward potential than risk.

Owens is no doubt looking to a team with a chance at the playoffs.  The fact that he is still a free agent is a good sign that there aren’t any top tier teams interested otherwise TO would have jumped at that opportunity already.  So while Owens waits for a contender to come knocking on his door, the bottom dwellers like the Raiders will be a training camp last resort-type option.

Even if he does wait and finally land in Oakland, it won’t be the way McDonald is plotting it out.  There’s no way the Raiders would cut ties with Owens at the first sign of trouble, it’s just now the Oakland way of doing things.  Instead they would stick with TO for the entire season no matter how unproductive or unruly he is being.

You can never guess what Al Davis will do, but a marriage with Owens just doesn’t seem to make sense.

So all that means is you should probably put you money on it happening.

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