Crennel: Carr Was Up To The Challenge

Brandon Carr has played Robin to Brandon Flowers’ Batman all season, but the sidekick became the hero last week against the Denver Broncos.  That’s when Carr stepped up and delivered 5 passes defensed playing opposite the injured Flowers.  Defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel knew that the young corner had the talent to get the job done.

“Carr has made a lot of progress as the year has gone on and I think that we have all seen that.  I don’t know that people expected him to make the plays that he made last week but we knew that he had that kind of ability and he stepped up.  He was challenged; he accepted the challenge and made the plays. I think that he is a better player as a result of that and I think he has more confidence too as a result of that.”

Just because Flowers isn’t on the injury report doesn’t mean that he is 100%.  You don’t go from being helped off the field (even though he claimed it was cramps) to playing at the top of your game in a week, which means that Carr might have to repeat his performance from a week ago.

If he can find a way to play at that kind of level consistently with an elite corner already lining up on the other side of the field, watch out for Crennel to start to increase the number of blitzes he sends.  You saw Javier Arenas coming after the quarterback from his nickel position — and come up with two sacks in the process — something you should get used to if the less-celebrated Brandon keep making progress.

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