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Kansas City Chiefs defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel spent this past week as head coach of the East team in this weekend’s East-West Shrine Game.  The players on his squad have taken full advantage of having a Super Bowl champion running the show.

“A couple of them have come up and asked me about life in the NFL,” Crennel said of his East players.  ”(They want to know) what’s the difference between the NFL and the college game and what they can do to better themselves.

“You always like to see that in a player,” Crennel continued.  “One that’s thinking about ways to improve, because if you can get better than you can help your team.“

All 32 NFL teams are out watching Crennel’s team prepare to take on former Chiefs head coach Marty Schottenheimer’s West squad, but Crennel (and the Chiefs for that matter) is getting a much better look at the Shrine talent.

“Being able to work with them on a one-on-one basis, be in meetings with them and be in practice with them, you get an insight that some of the teams are not able to get even though they’re all here watching them,” Crennel explained.  “There has been a great turnout by the NFL this week, but they are on the sideline.  We are on the field dealing with them and in the meetings with them, so you find out a little bit about who will push themselves, how much a player knows as far as if he prepares and tries to do his job.

“Those insights are golden,” Crennel continued.  “We’ll be able to take that back and hopefully help us to make some decisions in the draft.“

The East-West game doesn’t have nearly the talent of the Senior Bowl, but after seeing some of the under the radar guys Scott Pioli drafted last it’s a big deal to have Crennel getting a look at these kids up close for a week.

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