Crennel, Weis Comfortable With Familiar Faces

For the first time since the Chiefs kicked off training camp, offensive coordinator Charlie Weis and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel met with the media.  They might be working on opposite sides of the ball, but both are happy to be back on the field with people they know.

Weis said that his friendship with head coach Todd Haley was a big reason why he choose to work for the Chiefs, but the rest of the staff closed the deal.

“You think about just the offensive side of the ball, Bill Muir I have worked with, Mo Carthon I have worked with, Richie Anderson I have worked with, Bernie Parmalee just came with me,” Weis told reporters.

“For me, from the head coach to the general manager to the offensive staff and with a quarterback that came from a system that I know more than anything else, it was as good of fit as I could find.”

On defense, Crennel is also happy to know his surroundings even though he’s in a new place.

“I’m glad to be here because there are a lot of guys on this staff that I’ve worked with before, I know what they’re about, what’s important to them as far as football is concerned and so I think that we’ll be able to relay that importance to the players and hopefully we can make this team a very competitive team.”

For those that thought Weis and Haley would be unable to co-exist, the Chiefs offensive coordinator says that he addressed those issues with his former subordinate.

“We talked about that long before I decided to come here because it was important to both of us and the success of the Kansas City Chiefs that we felt comfortable with what our roles were going to be.”

When the Charlie-to-KC talk started to heat up, I made no secret that I was worried if Weis and Haley could work together.  So far everything looks and sounds great, but we won’t know for sure how they will co-exist until the Chiefs have to deal with offensive struggles.

Would Haley ever take the play-calling duties away from Weis?  More importantly, how would Weis handle that sort of demotion?  Obviously we’re dealing in hypotheticals but they are reasonable questions that needed to be asked at the time and still should be in the back of everyone’s mind as the season gets rolling.

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