Cris Collinsworth Loves Matt Cassel (Now)

If you have followed “Inside The NFL” at all this season, you know that Cris Collinsworth hasn’t exactly been the biggest fan of Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel.  At one point he went as far as to say “I like everything except the quarterback and the receiver.”

On this week’s episode, Collinsworth showed up wearing a Matt Cassel jersey and was able to change his tune about the Chiefs signal caller in front of Cassel, who showed up live via satellite.

Cassel thanked the analyst for his support and was good sport all the way around.  According to Cassel, while he doesn’t listen or read critiques of his work that he was informed about Collinsworth’s feelings from his mother.  To try and patch things up, Collinsworth said he would be picking the Chiefs the remainder of the season…  Except Cassel wasn’t interested in having him on the Kansas City bandwagon.

“We’ve done pretty well with you on the other side of the bandwagon.  You jumping over now, I think that would be counterproductive for us.”

Great stuff from Cassel who clearly enjoyed giving Collinsworth the business.

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