Cromartie Being Investigated For Assault With A Deadly Weapon

Next up for the Kansas City Chiefs are the San Diego Chargers and it looks like they will be dealing with off the field troubles as they get ready for Sunday’s game.  CB Antonio Cromartie is being investigated for assault with a deadly weapon, according to TMZ.AntonioCromartie

According to law enforcement sources, Cromartie was out celebrating the Chargers win at a local San Diego bar when somebody threw a champagne bottle which hit a bystander in the head.

Witnesses claim there was champagne being sprayed back and forth between Cromartie’s party and other bar patrons — until the mood changed and someone threw a bottle.

We’re told the bystander had a cut on his head — but no ambulance was called to the scene.

Law enforcement sources tell us 25-year-old Cromartie was identified as the bottle-thrower by at least one person — but there are conflicting stories from other witnesses.

Cromartie’s agent, Gary Wichard, says that his client did nothing wrong.

“This is absolutely not a story.  Antonio didn’t throw the bottle.  He was there with 2 other players… no one was involved in the fight.”

Obviously I have no idea if Cromartie had anything to do with throwing the bottle.  But I know that anytime the team you are about to play has to deal with off the field issues, it only helps matters on Sunday, especially when it’s a marquee player.

The Chiefs were lucky not to have to deal with Troy Polamalu this past Sunday and it would be a huge advantage if Cromartie’s head wasn’t completely in the game.

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