Brandon Carr Is Ready For His Close-Up

The Kansas City Chiefs drafted CB Brandon Carr out of little Grand Valley State in the fifth-round of the 2008 NFL draft and he immediately landed in the starting lineup. Carr didn’t leave that spot with the Kansas City Chiefs he left for the Dallas Cowboys (and a 5-year, $50 million deal) this offseason.

When Carr signed that big deal with the Cowboys, there were people wondering if Dallas overpaid for the Chiefs No. 2 corner. Having seen Carr play in and start every game of his career in Kansas City, I was happy to tell anyone that would listen he was worth every penny.

In a perfect world, Carr would be still be paired up with Brandon Flowers in the Chiefs defensive backfield. Although in a perfect world, owner Clark Hunt would be willing to open his checkbook more often, something we have come to understand isn’t an option. He had given out one $50 million deal to Flowers and had no intention of giving out a second.

Now Carr has a new running mate in rookie Morris Claiborne, the No. 6 overall pick in April’s draft. The former Chiefs corner is ready to play the Darrelle Revis role in Rob Ryan’s defense and covering every team’s best receiver.

“I’m comfortable with it,” Carr told SI’s Peter King. “I knew when I came in I’d be the one to check the number one receiver, and that’s something you have to love doing. Watching Revis do it is something a cornerback would love.”

Following around a team’s big receiver will be something new, but that doesn’t mean Carr didn’t get plenty of chances to cover number one targets. With the Chiefs keeping their corners on either side of the field, Carr often would be tasked with taking on a number one receiver as teams avoided Flowers.

I don’t know I can get myself to root for the Cowboys, but it will be easy to pull for Carr. He is a guy that always did things the right way and deserves to be successful in this league. It’s just a shame that success isn’t continuing in Kansas City.

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