Herm Thinks Carr “Fits The Bill” In Dallas

When it was clear the Kansas City Chiefs would not be willing to spend big money to keep CB Brandon Carr, the Dallas Cowboys immediately emerged as a favorite for his services. More than the money ($25.5 million guaranteed) the man that drafted Carr feels the corner is a perfect fit for the Cowboys defense.

Talking to KESN in Dallas, former Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards said Carr “fits the bill” for Rob Ryan’s defense.

“They like to put a lot of pressure on the quarterback and leave their corners out in man-to-man coverage. He’s able to do that. He’s a big, physical kid,” Edwards said about the man he drafted in the fifth round in 2008.

Edwards also likes that Carr is more than just “coachable” but also always on the field.

“He’s always available, he hasn’t missed a game, so that’s good too.”

The contract the Chiefs gave CB Brandon Flowers had $22 million guaranteed and the team wasn’t ever ready to give that much to Carr. I do think they could have kept him around for less than that if they were serious about getting him locked up during the season. Once he got to free agency, all bets were off.

Ryan (and Cowboys fans) will love having Carr around. While Carr has been on the field for every game over the last four seasons, recently released Terence Newman has missed eight games.

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