Danario Alexander Shows Off His Skills

Former Missouri and current free agent WR Danario Alexander held a pro day this morning and he tweeted the impressive results.

4.4 forty and 41.5 inch vert

Yesterday, Chiefs GM Scott Pioli told 810 WHB the team was not interested in Alexander.

“He’s not a player we’re focused on right now.  There are a lot of players in different areas that have strong followings and strong beliefs.  It has nothing to do with the guy or who he is as a person.  He’s a wonderful guy. He’s just not…I’m going to be getting this question for years aren’t I?”

If Alexander weren’t healthy enough to put up such impressive numbers (figure the 40 is closer to a still-impressive 4.5) then there wouldn’t be nearly the amount of people asking about him.  But you have a kid that dominated in your backyard and is now showing he’s ready to come to camp and compete.  How do you not consider giving him a shot over the likes of David Grimes, Rich Gunnell or any of the other equally unproven talent coming to camp?

His history of injuries is absolutely something that would give you pause, but when you’re talking about the 80th guy on the roster what do you have to lose?

The one way Pioli can guarantee being hounded by Alexander for the next decade is if he signs with the Rams and turns out being Sam Bradford’s favorite target.

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