DeAngelo Hall: Redskins Are Desperate

For the second week in a row, a team feels desperate as they get ready to take on the Chiefs.  Redskins CB DeAngelo Hall was asked how a important a win is to prevent panic-mode.

“I don’t think it’s panic,” Hall said. ” For us it’s obviously … for me, myself a little bit of desperation.  I feel like we need this win bad.  It’s not panic yet, but we’re a couple steps from there.  We’re a couple steps from getting ready to panic right now.  Because like you said, you’re facing teams that ain’t won a game, and we gave Detroit their first win, we gave Carolina their first win.  We can’t give Kansas City their first win — that’s the bottom line.  We got to go out here [and] we got to get 3-3, bottom line.  If we want to compete in our division and look forward to the playoffs and look forward to all these other things, we need a win.”

When asked if the Redskins could afford any more injuries, Hall took on the issue of the team’s depth.

“Nah, not at all, not at all,” he said.  “Chris Samuels going down was a devastating loss for us, you know, devastating.  We go from having a what, four-, five-, six-time Pro Bowler in there to a guy who hardly has played in this league.  Not saying anything to Batiste, he was with me in Atlanta for a little while, but that’s a big drop-off, that’s a big drop-off.  And heading into the offseason and preseason we said we needed to address the offensive line.  We felt like we did get better … but that’s a position where you can always get better.  You can always have proven guys out there backing other guys up that have played in this league, have had starts in this league.  That’s something we’re lacking.”

In case you missed it, Dallas’ Keith Brooking said the Cowboys had to be “desperate to win” after their loss to the Broncos.  I don’t know if that had any impact since Dallas came out completely flat last Sunday, so there’s no way of knowing if Hall’s words will reach his teammates.

Last week the Cowboys not only needed a win, but still had that terrible taste in their mouth from their last minute loss.  This time around the Redskins definitely need the win as much as Dallas did, but if it’s possible there seems to be even more turmoil in Washington than there was in Dallas.

The Redskins are on the verge of imploding and if the Chiefs can jump on their patchwork offensive line before Washington takes advantage of theirs, it could be the spark needed to light the fuse.

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