Denver Could Take A Page Out Of Haley’s Book

During Todd Haley’s first few months as head coach of the Chiefs, all anyone wanted to talk about was the intense conditioning program he put his team through.  After the Broncos struggled down the stretch, the Denver Post wonders if things need to change for Josh McDaniels during the offseason.

The most-asked question about the Broncos from folks around the league as they limp through December after December is “What are those guys doing in the offseason?”

Whether it’s too hard, too much work or the wrong kind, whatever, the Broncos likely have to look at the structure of their offseason program just to make sure they are benefiting from it as much as they can.

The Broncos haven’t had a winning record in December since 2005, also the last time they made the playoffs.

McDaniels was the hottest thing going in the NFL early when he rode some great young players to a 6-0 record.  But when things started getting difficult as the season wore on the Broncos just couldn’t keep up with the rest of the league.  Bring a new offseason program to Denver and there’s no way they fall apart in December again.

The Chiefs record didn’t show it, but the offseason conditioning program was huge for Kansas City this season.  There are a lot of negative things you can say about Haley’s first year but the team not being physically ready to go every week is not one of them.

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