Depth Chart Be Damned: DJ Runs With Second Team

He may be listed as the starter on the latest “unofficial” depth chart, but Derrick Johnson was back running with the second team defense at practice today in St. Joseph, according to Bob Gretz’s Rapid Reports.

The rotation continued at inside linebacker as Demorrio Williams and Corey Mays were with the first defense, and Derrick Johnson and Jovan Belcher on the second team.

In the teamwork portion of practice, ILB Derrick Johnson picked off a pass across the middle that was thrown by QB Tyler Palko.  Johnson continues to get good depth on his pass drops, and he’s getting his hands on more passes.

For this rotation/competition to be fair, Johnson and Belcher should start against the Bucs and get all of the snaps with the first team defense just like Williams and Mays did last week in Atlanta.  Haley has been clear that it is a cumulative evaluation, but Johnson won’t have to do much to put in a better game than Williams who seemed to struggle Friday night.

If Todd Haley is already sick of the Williams/Johnson discussion, all he has to do is push DJ back down on the depth chart after a solid performance against Tampa Bay this weekend.

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