DJ Says Chiefs Are Reloading, Not Rebuilding

Once the dust settles from the Super Bowl, suddenly there is a new found optimism all around the NFL. After all, every team is in first place! DerrickJohnsonChiefs

Though it isn’t difficult for players or fans to quickly slip into a pessimistic frame of mind when you are coming off a disappointing season, something we saw often last offseason with folks in Kansas City.

That doesn’t seem to be the case this time around despite the Chiefs winning just two games in 2012. And judging by the way the players are talking during their voluntary workouts, there won’t be any issues with the players moods.

LB Derrick Johnson made it clear there’s only one “R” word we should be using when talking about this year’s team.

“It’s definitely a reloading year; college is always for rebuilding,” Johnson told the Chiefs official site.

Besides “rebuild vs. reload”, Johnson sees another major difference between college and the NFL: the ease in which teams build chemistry.

“In the NFL, it’s different from college, where everybody is going to class together (and) everybody’s together. That’s what you have, but here in the NFL, people have their own lives. People are 30-years-old, people are 22-years old, people are married, people are unmarried, some have kids and some don’t, it’s one of those things that you have to work even harder to build that team camaraderie in the NFL.”

The defensive leader is saying all the right things in April and hopefully that rubs off to the rest of the team and carries over to training camp and beyond.

The Chiefs official site has plenty more from Johnson, including his thoughts on new quarterback Alex Smith and training camp.

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