DeSean Jackson Still Shaking Off Eric Berry Hit

On the Eagles first offensive play during their third preseason game, WR DeSean Jackson took a wallop from Chiefs safety Eric Berry.  Jackson didn’t see action in another play for the remainder of the preseason.  Though to hear the young receiver talk about it, having dental work caused him more discomfort.

“I just took a little hit, and there was a sharp pain that went through my back,” said Jackson, who spoke Thursday for the first time since the injury.  “It wasn’t too serious.  They just held me out because it was too close to the regular season.”

Jackson was pulled immediately from the third preseason game and didn’t practice the following week.  It was hard to ascertain, however, if the week out was entirely because of the back bruise or partly because he had his wisdom teeth extracted.

The 23-year-old said that he chose Monday to visit the dentist following the injury.  After a “little bit” of blood and some swelling, Jackson returned to practice Sunday and looked undaunted at Thursday’s session.

“That was tough going through,” Jackson said of the dental work. ” But I feel a little bit better right now.”

Never show any weakness, right?  Yea, that’s all fine and good but I bet that Jackson’s head was ringing for a week after taking that hit from Berry.  No one likes going to the dentist, but most times you don’t have any issues walking out of the office.  Jackson looked awfully wobbly finding his way to the sidelines.

Watch the hit again and see if you think it looked like a “little hit”.

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