Despite Struggles, Chiefs Excited About Carr

Most of the news coming out of Chiefs training camp in St. Joseph has been positive.  But one negative theme has been pretty consistent and equally surprising: what’s wrong with Brandon Carr? 

The third-year corner that has started every game over his first two seasons has struggled, but neither he nor the team seems too concerned reports Adam Teicher.

“They’ve worked me over pretty well,” Carr said.  “But that’s just the adversity of training camp.  Things could be done better as always.”

For now at least, Chiefs coach Todd Haley doesn’t appear concerned about Carr, one half of the starting cornerback tandem along with Brandon Flowers.

“When we evaluate these guys, there are a lot of parts that go into evaluation,” Haley said.  “Obviously as a cornerback, if you’re getting beat a bunch, it’s probably not what we want.  I don’t know that we have all the answers of what the situation was.  Was somebody else wrong?  Was the safety supposed to be going a different direction, which then put a cornerback like Brandon or anybody else in a bad position?”

Chambers has been particularly hard for Carr to handle on fly patterns.  Chambers has beaten Carr off the snap and been open to catch scoring passes.

“I don’t want to give all of his secrets out, but Chris is hard to cover because he’s a savvy veteran,” Flowers said.  “Let’s just say he knows how to get open.

“Brandon’s going to have a great year.  He got faster and a lot stronger.  This is our third year.  The chemistry is there, and I’m looking forward to doing big things with him this season.”

Chambers said some of the plays where he’s beaten Carr wouldn’t necessarily happen during a game.

“It’s almost an unfair advantage sometimes when we run post routes and there’s no safety in the middle of the field to help,” he said.

When most people analyze the Chiefs defense for 2010, Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey are generally the center of most discussions and for good reason.  But with depth still being a huge issue in Kansas City on both sides of the ball, it’s just as important that the few bright spots continue to improve.

Flowers has been incredible and Carr has served as a more than worthy running mate.  The defense won’t be able to afford a step back for either starting cornerback, no matter how good rookies Javier Arenas and Eric Berry are out of the gate.

The most promising signs for Carr right now are that he seems to — as he has all offseason — have the right frame of mind.  There is no sulking going on in Carr’s locker and that’s a huge first step.  Also, Haley has been nothing but positive in his reviews of Carr.

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