Dexter McCluster And Ryan Lilja Nursing Injuries

The Kansas City Chiefs near empty injury report is about to look a little more full.  WR Dexter McCluster was at practice today, but according to Kent Babb he wasn’t participating in any position drills.

On Wednesday, the Chiefs rookie — and one of its most versatile players — was playing catch during receiving warm-ups but wasn’t running. He was barely doing any walking, but when he did move around, it wasn’t with a noticeable limp.

Also, CBS Sports noted that Ryan Lilja missed some reps as well.

Lilja was watching practice and not participating at his starting spot.  Lilja appeared to have his right hand wrapped.  There was no obvious moment in last Sunday’s game where he appeared to be injured

You learn to never say never in this league, but it would be a huge upset if McCluster is able to play.  When you are talking about a player that needs to be able to stop on a dime, he can’t have a bum ankle/foot.  We’ll see what his ultimate designation is by Todd Haley though we should assume the running game will be strictly the Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones show.

Lilja, on the other hand, is likely just a veteran getting a little bit of rest.  Short of his hand being broken, there’s no reason to think he will miss anytime at right guard.

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