Dexter McCluster Hits The Books

Following a rookie season in which Dexter McCluster turned in plenty of impressive plays that showed off his explosiveness, most would think his offseason would be full of kicking back and enjoying his taste of success.  Instead, the former Ole Miss star is back on campus to get his college degree.

“You know I don’t know if I’ll be walking, but to have that piece of paper in my hand would be a great accomplishment, and my daughter she will receive a full scholarship if I graduate and join the M Club. I’m doing this for her and my mother.”

McCluster has two classes left at Ole Miss, including an Independent Study Broadcast Journalism course, which means one day when he’s finished playing football he might be a TV news or sports anchor.

It’s always great to see a player go back to school and earn their diploma even though financially they should be set for life.  It says a lot about not only the type of person he is, but reinforces what we’ve all seen as far as “the right 53”.

Unless the ceremony somehow interferes with OTAs (assuming a new CBA is agreed to), McCluster should walk at an Ole Miss graduation.  Every person that earns their degree deserves to get that handshake and faux diploma (my real one arrived in the mail a few weeks later) in front of the entire University community.

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