Dexter McCluster Impresses Off The Field Too

When Chiefs rookie Dexter McCluster recorded a PSA that included a free-style, he couldn’t have imagined that it would inspire his head coach.  But there was Todd Haley using the rookie to help loosen up his team before last week’s game.

“I put him up in front of his team.  And I said, ‘I hear you think you can free-style rap.’  He started getting embarrassed.  I said, ‘No, stay here now.  I want you to show you can free-style and I’m going to give you the subject matter.'”

Haley challenged the former Ole Miss rapper and singer to improvise an on-the-spot rap about where the Chiefs are as an offense now, and “how we’re going to become good and then great.”

Then, Haley told McCluster’s teammates in the auditorium to give him a beat.

Haley and McCluster’s teammates were blown away.

“He was unbelievable,” Haley says.  “That’s an aspect to this kid that told me a lot about him when you can think fast like that.  He just went at it and came up with some pretty incredible little quick lines with no preparation.  I was impressed.”

I can’t stress enough what a good read the USA Today story is, especially considering how buttoned up Haley generally is with information about specific players during his press conferences.

From the minute the Chiefs drafted McCluster, I don’t think he’s done anything that hasn’t been impressive.  From the first rookie mini-camp right up through the win over San Francisco and with the rap in between, McCluster continues to turn heads.

Bonus points will go to the reporter that gets McCluster to repeat the rap he did in front of the team.

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