Dexter McCluster Delivers Commencement Address

While he waits to kick off his sophomore season in the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs, Dexter McCluster is putting his free time to good use.  McCluster returned to his high school in Florida to deliver the commencement address.

“This is a special moment for you guys,” he said.  “I want to let you guys know that nothing in life is going to be easy.  You are going to go into your highs, you are going to go into your lows.  Never, ever quit.  Do not ever let anybody tell you you can’t do something.”

“And I just want to instill in you guys to never, ever quit,” McCluster said.

“And I promise you the sky’s the limit, and you will make your dream your reality.”

A great message of perseverance from a guy that has been told his whole life that he is too small to play at every level.

Well said, Dexter!

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