Dexter McCluster Performs For Joplin

Kansas City Chiefs RB/WR Dexter McCluster displayed his rapping ability on several occasions during his rookie season.  On Wednesday he once again showed off those talents, this time in Lenexa to raise money for Joplin tornado victims.

“My message is, ‘never quit.’  You might go through some obstacles in life that might be devastating, you might lose a person or something important to you, but you should never quit, because there is a higher purpose and everything happens for a reason,” said McCluster.  “You don’t know why, but pretty soon you will find out.”

Unlike most athletes that give music a try, McCluster seems to have legitimate chops on the mic.  It wouldn’t be a shock if he eventually found himself featured in a hit song.

Great to see the entire Chiefs family stand up and help the people of Joplin any way they can.

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