Dick Vermeil: Chiefs Will Be A Lot Better

Dick Vermeil is in town to promote his wine business and made the media rounds throughout the day.  He sat down with NBC Action News  for not one, but two interviews to talk about what he misses most about his time as Chiefs head coach, the outlook for 2010 and how he would handle the team this preseason.

“If I were doing it, I’d like to see them win some games just to build some confidence, gain some momentum.  I think they are going to be a better team, actually they were better than their win-loss record last year.  They lost some games last year they had no business losing.  I think they’ll be a lot better.”

As for his time running things in Kansas City?  Most fans can understand what he misses the most.

“I’d say the overall atmosphere of Arrowhead gameday.  From about 9 o’clock in the morning when we drive through the parking lot coming in to coach on Sunday morning.  The BBQs are all going, the smoke is in the air, the fans are all buzzing,” Vermeil said.

He also remembers just how special the time before kick off was at Arrowhead.

“’Home of the CHIEEEEEFS!’ It’s an atmosphere that I don’t think can be matched any place in the National Football League.”

I joked on Twitter earlier today that “Chiefs fans love Dick!”, but seriously how do you dislike a guy like Vermeil?

Every time I start talking about missing guys like Trent Green, Priest Holmes and Vermeil there are a dozen people lined up to remind me how many playoff games those teams won.  Or my praise of those teams is met with one word: “defense”.   It’s just a shame because they were so much fun to watch.  In 2003 I never thought the Chiefs were going to lose on Sundays.

While ultimately we all gauge success in championships, I know that it will be a welcome change when the swagger of that ’03 squad is back in Kansas City.  With that being said, hopefully a defense comes along with it.

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