Did Haley Flip The Bird?

A fan told KSHB that Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley flipped him off following the Browns game at Arrowhead Stadium.

Allegedly, as Haley was walking into the tunnel and the fan was yelling at the head coach about him deserving to be fired the gesture was delivered.

The stations video report auto-starts, so jump to watch it and for my reaction.

Yes, Haley is a volatile on the sidelines, but he has never at any point shown animosity towards the fans.  If he can handle being called out by his running back earlier in the season, I can’t imagine some out of control fan is going to get under Haley’s skin.

I’ve said more than once that short of Haley physically assaulting Kent Babb (sorry for using you as an example, Kent) there is no way he will be fired after only one season.  However, this is the type of thing — if there is any validity to it — that could put the first year coach on thin ice.  It’s never a good idea to take on the fans in any respect… Ever.

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