Does Vegas Know Something?

When the line came out for Sunday’s game between the Chiefs and Cowboys, Dallas was a -9 point road favorite across the board.  But are things starting to tighten up?

Virtually every line has come down in the last couple of days, possibly showing that the Chiefs have a better chance this weekend than many of us thought.  The most severe drop is at, where the line moved down to -7.5.

Multiple other lines have also dropped including (-8.0), (-8.5) and (-8.0).

The odds makers in Las Vegas have their jobs for a reason, so I think it always makes sense to keep an eye on a line moving.  Some would say the small dip is simply just an adjustment after the injury news for Roy Williams and Felix Jones was not what many in Dallas had hoped.

Could something more be going on here?  Are the Chiefs primed to upset the Cowboys?

Almost every wart the Cowboys have, the Chiefs can match with a bigger one.  The only area that Todd Haley’s troops are a step ahead is injuries.  Outside of a personal issue with Brodie Croyle and a fever for Alex Magee, the Chiefs will take the field on Sunday in perfect health.

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