Don’t Forget About The Other Brandon

There is no denying that Brandon Flowers is one of the better corners in the NFL if you watch the Chiefs every week and along with some of his teammates, he has started to get noticed around the league.  But don’t forget about the Brandon that plays opposite Flowers: Brandon Carr.  NFP caught up with Carr and has some great stats that tell the story of his season.

Opponents have thrown at Brandon Carr 90 times this season—only five corners in the league have seen more throws, according to STATS.  Yet Carr has a “burns per target” ratio of 40.0—which is third best in the NFL behind only Darrelle Revis of the Jets and Stanford Routt of the Raiders.  What’s more, Carr has 18 passes defensed—second most in the NFL.

“I had a bitter taste in my mouth from the way I played last year,” Carr told the NFP Sunday Blitz.  “This year, I wanted to get my hands on a ball or two week in, week out.  They say third year is the make or break year.  I think I’ve progressed as a corner.”

Carr said he has been targeted so frequently because teams don’t want to challenge Flowers.  That’s fine with him.  The Chiefs play man-to-man about 90 percent of the snaps, and the defense plays into Carr’s strengths.  “I like to use my size and speed, and get my hands on receivers,” Carr said.

Early on this season it seemed like teams were picking on Carr and Eric Berry and succeeding.  That’s not the case anymore.  Carr seems to have put those struggles far behind him and Berry is getting better seemingly every snap.

The most impressive part of Carr’s season could be how he has bounced back from that early adversity.  Not only did he struggle early in the season, but there were a lot of concerns about his poor play in St. Joseph.  All Carr did was keep stepping up the challenge until he came out on top and now he’s playing at the highest level of his young career.

As Scott Pioli looks to keep locking up the core of this Chiefs team, hopefully Carr’s name is at the top of that list.  Considering the premium that is paid for quality corners in today’s pass-happy NFL, Kansas City should never let Carr reach the open market.

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