Don’t Look For A Tony Richardson-Chiefs Reunion

If you have been watching “Hard Knocks” on HBO, then you know that the Jets have a great competition going on at fullback with the thought being former Chief Tony Richardson could be on the chopping block.  That possibility seemingly went out the window yesterday.

Richardson, pushed by rookie John (The Terminator) Conner, appears to have a roster spot locked up.  Rex Ryan said he’d be “shocked if those two aren’t on the opening-day roster.”  Jason Davis, different story.  The Jets really like the third-string fullback, but it’s hard to imagine them keeping three at the position.

I’d keep Richardson around too if I were the Jets, so this isn’t that surprising, however you start limiting your roster flexibility when you are carrying two fullbacks all year long.  So even though I am putting the idea of T-Rich suiting up for the Chiefs again to the side for now, until all the final cuts are in it will be in the back of my mind.

Even though the Chiefs don’t seem to be a team in the market for a fullback (other than one named Richardson) you know that they won’t be the only team giving a long, hard look at Davis.  When looking to fill out your roster, the best places to look are the better teams in the league.  Odds are that the 57th or 58th guy in New York is better than the 53rd in Kansas City.  While I don’t expect Scott Pioli and Todd Haley to make a move at the position unless they can bring back T-Rich, it’s something to keep an eye on as cuts start to come down.

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