Dontari Poe Shows Off His Touchdown Dance

Admit it, you have worked out in your mind what your touchdown celebration would be if you ever got a chance to score six in an NFL game. Unfortunately, most of us will never get to show off those moves.DontariPoeChiefs3

It’s not just regular folks that have to keep their special dance to themselves. Plenty of NFL players don’t cross the goal line, but that doesn’t stop them from being prepared. So it should be no surprise that 350-pound Dontari Poe was ready to party when he returned a tipped pass for a touchdown during Wednesday’s practice.

“I dreamed about it, so I did it,” Poe said about his celebration.

Sure, it’s just practice — and Poe admitted he had a pick-six in high school — but there’s no guarantee the big man would get another chance to show his teammates what he could do. Once he corralled the pass, his eyes went right to the end zone.

“That was just my first thought,” Poe told reporters. “As soon as we came in here, they talked to us about being  a defense that can score touchdowns, to be a great defense; so, it was my first thought, to just take off with it.”

Last year’s first-round pick isn’t just impressing with his dance moves. His freakish athletic ability have been enough to wow veteran Mike DeVito.

“You think it’s a DB running but then you see a 350-pound man, taking off down the field,” DeVito said about Poe. “It’s exciting to see somebody so big and so athletic and the way Dontari’s been playing, he just continues to grow. I can’t imagine anything less than the Pro Bowl for him in the future.”

Poe finished his rookie season strong, averaging nearly four tackles a game over the final four games. Included in that stretch was a season-high five against the Oakland Raiders Week 15. He wasn’t officially credited with any sacks, but he easily could have claimed at least half of a handful down the stretch.

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