Dorsey Using Crennel, Kim To Take The Next Step

It’s no secret that the beleaguered Chiefs defense will need to improve in all areas, but especially the defensive line.  The front three led by Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson will need to be better this year.  At camp Dorsey knows that having defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel and “pass rush guru” GrandMaster Joseph E. Kim can only help the team get where they need to be.

“He brings a lot of energy, and we know that he’s been there and done that,” Dorsey said of Crennel.  “He’s won championships, so he knows how to do it.  Everyone is just trying to soak in as much knowledge as possible.”

“Joe helps with our hands in the pass rush that that helps me out a lot,”

“He knows what he’s talking about and we’ve watched film on guys that he’s taught.”

Todd Haley knows he needs the first, second and third-year players to take a big step forward if the Chiefs defense plans to do the same.

“I cannot stress it enough, those are the guys that have take that next step, weather their back-ups that become starters, starters that become stars or third-teamers that become back-ups.  Those guys have to take steps and have to make that next step, and that will help us.”

Dorsey and Jackson were both much better than their stats suggest, but at the same time neither was as good as they need to be.  The additions of Eric Berry, Kendrick Lewis and Javier Arenas in the defensive backfield will help produce more coverage sacks (were their any last year?!) but cliche or not it all starts with a push from the front three.

If the Chiefs are going to be serious about pushing for a playoff spot this year, Jackson and Dorsey have to be forces to be reckoned with.  Crennel and Kim will do their part to help push them along, but ultimately it falls on the player to produce on the field.

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