Draft Day Live Blog 1.0


Draft Day is finally here!

I’ll live blogging here for both rounds of Day 1 and hopefully there’s plenty to talk about!

Trade up, trade down, stand pat!  Who knows what will happen?

I’ll also be dropping in on the “Gameday” live chat over at Home of the Chiefs.


Keep refreshing the page for the latest!


We are minutes away now from everything kicking off!

Bring out the Goodell!


Chris Mortenson is reporting on ESPN that the Dolphins are making a play for Glenn Dorsey…  Hmm, we haven’t heard them involved before.  I’m not all about cutting the cord this quickly, but Pioli has to do what he can to get extra picks.


“Welcome to the 2009 NFL Draft… The Detroit Lions are on the clock.”

You tell em, Commish!

By the way, I am watching ESPN’s coverage since it’s who I’m used to.  If anyone is watching elsewhere and hears anything good, pass it along.

Wow, they actually put the card RIGHT in.  I thought the NFL would have them stall as much as possible.  Nice to see things moving quickly early on.

Good to see our first Erin Andrews sighting of the day.  She’ll make the draft that much more exciting to watch.


ESPN breaks out their first poll of the day.  “Does the NFL need a rookie salary cap?”  91-9 says it does.  This is the kind of hard hitting stuff I watch the WWL for year in and year out.

At least it looks like they are running a full HD program for the first time.


I’d like to thank the Rams for taking their entire 10 minutes…  Ugh.

And they take all that time for a pick almost as predictable as Stafford, Jason Smith from Baylor.  Thanks for that.


Here we go…  the first pick (or draft day trade) of the Scott Pioli era in Kansas City.

Curry, Orakpo, Jackson, Monroe?  Bring it, Scott!


Ahhhhhhhhhh, the first Herm Edwards appearance of the day.

“I’d move down.”  I bet you would.  Herm saying the Chiefs should trade down like it’s the easiest thing in the world.  He apparently doesn’t read Adam Teicher, otherwise he would know Pioli offered the pick to the Lions and was rejected.

Get this clown off my screen!


C’mon, Scott please help cleanse this bad taste Herm just game me.

With the 3rd pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select…

Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU

Well, the rumors the last few days were true and Jackson is the pick.  I guess this means I have to get the man-crush I have on Aaron Curry.


Aaron Curry sure would look good in a Chiefs uniform….  Oh, sorry…  I really am getting over him, I promise.

Michael Smith is a solid reporter for ESPN, but he still looks so uncomfortable when he is in studio trying to work this “CNN Screen” contraption.


And there goes Curry!  Have fun in Seattle, Aaron!  Don’t forget to write!  Gez, I have to stop.

Seriously though, good for him, he’ll be a God in Seattle as their version of Patrick Willis.  Great pick for Seattle and give them credit for sending out all those Mark Sanchez smoke screens.


Mort was just on saying we could see the first trade with the Browns.  They wanted Curry and have no interest in Sanchez, thus making them a prime candidate to trade out so someone can come up and get Sanchez.


And there it is!  The Jets have traded up to the number 5 spot, sending the crowd into a frenzy!  Bold move by the Jets.  Mark Sanchez is on the phone, putting on the jacket…  It looks like they have found their quarterback.  It’s amazing, we may have a Jets selection that does NOT get booed.

To move that far up — trading with their former coach no less — it must have cost them a small fortune.

Ha!  He’s putting on the hat before Goodell makes the announcement.  I love it.

And here is the commissioner to announce the trade and selection: Mark Sanchez, QB, USC.

A couple boos in there, but I’d say 70-30 love this deal and even though I don’t like Sanchez, he’s the second best QB in the draft and he feels a need for the Jets.

And it was a decent haul…  The Browns get the Jets 1st round pick (No. 17), second round pick and three players: DE Kenyon Coleman, QB Brett Ratliff and DB Abram Elam.  I guess those are three guys Mangini wanted to bring with him to Cleveland.  Good deal for the Browns.


Wow, I can’t believe the Bengals took Andre Smith.  That kid did EVERYTHING wrong and was still a top 10 pick.  Typical Bengals.  I guess they figure taking bad character guys has worked so well in the past, why should they change things?  I promise you this team will be back here in the top 10 again next season.  Except they will finally have a new coach calling the shots.


And the Raiders go with Michael Cr…..  What?!  Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland.  Wow.

Are the Raiders putting a football team together or a 4×4 relay?  He can run and has some potential, but to pass on Crabtree for Heyward-Bey?  Yikes.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy because they won’t make themselves much better than they were last year with this pick, but I still don’t understand it.

Speed kills.

I love it, McShay is the first one to throw the “bust” label out there.  Fantastic!

“Being obsessed with 40 times is one of the reasons why Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders continue to pick in this spot.”


The Jaguars take Eugene Monroe out of Virginia with the 8th pick and show the Cincinnati Bengals how to draft.  Good solid top 10 pick, though Michael Crabtree would have fit here as well.


We have another player getting the jump on Goodell as BJ Raji out of Boston College celebrates with his family with 4 minutes still left on the Packers clock.  Now everyone is jumping on the “How far will Crabtree fall?” bandwagon.  If the 49ers have an interest in moving the ball, don’t they have to take him?

Hindsight is 20/20, but it sure would have been nice if Pioli was able to trade down from No. 3 to have the opportunity to snap up a guy like Crabtree plus a second tier defensive player.


We have Crabtree on the phone and smiling.  Could the 49ers be on the line?  They should be…

And they are!  Another great value pick, as a lot of people (including ESPN’s Mel Kiper) had Crabtree ranked as one of the best prospects in the entire draft.

What better way to sooth a draft day free fall than a nice chat with Erin Andrews?  Lucky man.


The Bills, after working on the offense by signing TO go with DE Aaron Maybin from Penn State.  This is a guy that a lot of people have emailed me saying the Chiefs should have been looking at for the No. 3 pick.  He had 16 sacks in just 10 starts, but the number that jumps out to me is the 10 starts.  Do you really want to invest that much in a guy that only started 10 games?

For me, Brian Orakpo from Texas would have been the better pick for Buffalo.


Look at Knowshon Moreno of Georgia playing cards in my backyard!  Tinton Falls, where he is watching the draft is 5 minutes from where I grew up.  I had the honor of seeing that kid play high school football and it’s amazing to see how far he’s come, he’s just a great story and he’s…  going to Denver?

Where was I?  Right, I hate Moreno.

From SI.com:

Everyone thought the Broncos would go defense with their first pick. Instead, they took running back Knowshown Moreno. The selection elicited gasps among the media at Broncos headquarters.


Damn, these picks are coming fast and furious.  The Redskins go with the aforementioned Brian Orakpo from Texas.  Great pick for them and playing next to the $100 million dollar man Albert Haynesworth, Orakpo will have plenty of chances to go after the quarterback.  The Redskins don’t pick again until No. 80 (sound familiar?) so they needed this pick to be a homerun and on paper it absolutely is.


Malcolm Jenkins from Ohio State goes to the Saints, just as Todd McShay suggested and our old friend Herm Edwards agreed with.  Herm is on board, so the Saints should be very worried.

It was pretty clear last year that the Saints needed to go defense and this is a guy that only stayed on the board to No. 14 because he didn’t run a great 40 at the combine.


At 16 we see the first USC linebacker come off the board and it’s Brian Cushing.  He’s the best outside backer on the board, so he makes sense for the Texans in that respect but will he be able to stay on the field?  He has had a ton of injuries that ESPN did a great job of chronicling.

We get to see a very awkward “Sorry commish” from Erin Andrews…  Thanks, EA!

Now we are looking at two of the next three picks coming from the AFC West with San Diego (16) and Denver (18).


And the Chargers go with Larry English?  With all the USC linebackers on the board, they go with a kid from Northern Illinois?  I’m not saying you can only get a good player from a big time school (we did get Jared Allen after all!) but when you only have one pick on the first day don’t you have to go safer than a Larry English?

The folks at ESPN are saying they took English so if Merriman is still hurt they have someon that can step in.  My question is this: do you really think Larry English is Shawne Merriman?  I don’t.

A lot of teams continue to send cards in early, so we might actually be done before 8 o’clock tonight.


The Browns trade down again…  this time swapping with Tampa Bay and picking up a 6th round pick.  The Browns have done a great job stockpiling.  And it would appear the Bucs got their quarterback with Josh Freeman from Kansas State on the phone with quite the smile.

Junior quarterbacks have a very low success rate and Freeman is the third one to come off the board today.  The kid has a big arm and big body but I’m not sold on him as a franchise quarterback.  The Bucs better go and get him some receivers.


Ed Werder is reporting Robert Ayers from Tennessee will be the pick for Denver here at 18.  It’s good to see Werder knows how to do a stand up from somewhere other than Dallas.

I like Ayers a lot and was one of the guys I was looking at for the Chiefs if Pioli was able to snag a late first round pick.  Oh well, now I have to find things I dislike about him.

There are people that early on are ranking on the the Broncos (and not just Chiefs fans) for the Moreno pick but anytime you can get two kids from the best conference in football you are on the right track.  I hate to say it, but I think they’ve done a good job with their first two picks in Denver.

Steve Young is going off on how Josh McDaniels can’t get rid of Jay Cutler and not have a replacement.  It’s silly to think you need to replace him right away.  You replace him with the right guy, not just the first quarterback that comes along.  There’s no reason why Kyle Orton can’t manage things for a while.


The Browns trade down AGAIN.  This time it’s the Eagles moving up to take the Browns pick.  Missouri WR Jeremy Maclin looks like he’s currently on the phone with someone from Philly.

The commisioner makes the folks at the Maclin household go crazy by announcing him as the Eagles selection.  It’s amazing what the Raiders taking Heyward-Bey has started here.  Because they took him, the 49ers had Crabtree fall into their lap and all of a sudden there was only one top tier receiver left on the board, so the Eagles have to trade up two spots to get their guy.

Percy Harvin, Hakeem Nicks and Kenny Britt could all go in the first round due to the WR scramble we’ve seen all started with Heyward-Bey.


We get to see the Lions take another crack at the first round.  Do they get Stafford some help (Oher) or go defense (Maualuga)?  If it’s me I go O-line so your young quarterback can survive for a little bit while he tries to get the ball to Calvin Johnson.

The pick is…

TE Brandon Pettigrew, OK State.  That’s a shock to me.  He’s a beast and a great combo with the aforementioned Johnson but it’s hard for a guy to throw from his back.  When you have a chance to protect your franchise quarterback I think you have to take it and Michael Oher would have been my choice.  Now if they can get a solid tackle with their second round pick then Pettigrew starts looking like a much better pick to me.


Do the Cleveland Browns FINALLY make a selection?  They’ve traded back three times and have gone from having only 5 picks to 10.  At some point you need to get some top flight talent and could this finally be the place?  Do you replace Braylon Edwards?  Get help at linebacker?

Or maybe you take a center!  Alex Mack, C, California is the choice and it’s not sexy but fills a need for the Browns.  They still need to figure out who will be their quarterback, but at least they know who is snapping the ball.


The Vikings have sent their pick in as the trend of lighting quick selections continues.  ESPN seems to think it will be tackle Michael Oher from Ole Miss.

And the World Wide Leader is wrong.  Instead they go with Percy Harvin, WR from Florida.

Harvin has some red flags with his character that you absolutely have to worry about, but if he keeps his nose clean than this pick can be incredible.  Harvin is the most explosive guy in the draft (yes, even more than Crabtree) and with Adrian Peterson bringing 8 guys in the box at all times, someone like Harvin could have a chance to go crazy.

Trey Wingo is asking Herm Edwards how to keep players in line.  That is hilarious on so many different levels.


The Patriots have traded their first round pick to…. not the Chiefs.  The Ravens have jumped up two spots to select Oher.  Great pick to help keep Joe Flacco’s development going.


With the 24th pick, the Falcons make it back to back Ole Miss players with DT Peria Jerry.  He was first team SEC and had 18 tackles for loss.  I thought they might go with William Beatty from UConn to help solidify their line.


It’s been a while… We see a celebrating player steal the Goodell’s thunder.  This time it’s Vontae Davis, CB from Illinois.  He better watch out or Roger will suspend him a couple of games.  Hopefully Vontae will make a better transition to the pro game than his brother Vernon did with the 49ers.


We now see the Patriots back on the board after trading back with the Ravens but they might not be done.  Wendi Nix is reporting New England is hoping to trade down again to acquire picks in next years draft but will select at No. 26 if they have to.


That was quick.  Just like that the Green Bay Packers are happy to trade into the 26 slot.  With all these trades, I’m wondering when Scott Pioli is going to get involved.  It’s great talking about everyone else’s team and all, but…It sure would be nice to see the Chiefs jump back in the pool.

With the move up, the Packers go with LB Clay Matthews from USC.

Now that we’re seeing the first round wind down, all the experts that claimed you could get great value in the 20’s are looking pretty smart right now.


Look at Donald Brown at his home in Atlantic Highlands, NJ!  Imagine him playing five miles away from Moreno when they were both in high school.

The Colts take Brown and while I’m a big fan of his I don’t know that Indy couldn’t have filled a more glaring need than running back.  I guess we’ve seen over the years that you can never have too much depth in the backfield, but I would have went elsewhere.


The Bills come in at No. 28 with the pick they got for Jason Peters and take the second center of the day, Eric Wood from Louisville.  Not exactly a hot position, but we could see three go in the first round meaning we would have seen more centers than running backs.  What a crazy day this can be.


The local boys get to pick again, trying to follow up the Mark Sanchez-Jets drama from before and go with WR Hakeem Nicks from North Carolina.  After the Giants released Plaxico Burress you knew they were going to draft a wide receiver, it was just a matter of who.

Reports say the G-Men wanted Heyward-Bey, but the Raiders obviously ruined those plans when they reached for him in the top 10.

I’m still amazed that all of these teams that are taking wide receivers in the first round were unwilling to send that same pick to the Cardinals for Anquan Boldin.  When you have a chance to get a guy you know is a top 5 WR in the league, why take a chance on a rookie that hasn’t proven a thing at the next level?  I don’t get it.


The Tennessee Titans are on the clock and ESPN showed Ohio State RB Beanie Wells on the phone.  If the Titans pick Wells, they should have their draft card taken away.


With the 30th pick we see another WR go off the board, this time it’s Kenny Britt from Rutgers.  Back when the Eagles traded up to take Maclin I wondered if Harvin, Nicks and Britt could all go in the first round and now they have.  I’ll ask this again: how is Anquan Boldin not worth the 30th pick in the draft, but a kid from Ruters is?


We get to see Beanie Wells back on the phone again and it sure looks and sounds like he will be the pick of the Arizona Cardinals.  This is great value for the Cardinals and Wells will get to play and start from day 1.


Okay, the Patriots have four second round picks today and four third round picks tomorrow.  Can’t Scott Pioli get on the phone and trade one of next year’s second round picks to New England for one of theirs this year?  C’mon, Scott!


We wrap up the first round in a brisk three hours and thirty three minutes, give or take a few.  They wrapped up the round by selecting DE Evander Hood from Missouri.  Hood makes it two DEs taken in the first round, joining WR Jeremy Maclin.

First round is over and to my surprise, Scott Pioli was not able to pick up another pick.  I’m confident he will get the Chiefs into the second round though.  He will.  He will?  Right??


The Lions kick things off with much less fan fare than the first round and take Louis Delmas from Western Michigan.  I am really surprised they didn’t take an offensive lineman.

And almost immediately after the Lions, the Patriots finally make their first pick of the day and take Patrick Chung, a safety from Oregon.  Seems like a typical New England pick, since there were at least three other safeties most people would put ahead of Chung.

I understand there’s a lot of time left in the second round, but with every pick I start getting a little more frustrated that the Chiefs aren’t picking up another selection.  Yes, I understand Pioli doesn’t have the same bullets to fire that other GMs have, but if he is going to live up to his reputation then he needs to pull of a big time move today.


The Rams go defense with James Laurinaitis from Ohio State.  I thought he was completely overrated when some mock drafts had him in the middle of the first round a couple months ago, but he is a great value in the second round.


ESPN has decided to stop announcing the picks as wel go, so I think I might actually have to give the NFL Network a try.  I can only take so much of Chris Berman looking around aimlessly wondering what he is supposed to do next.

The first thing I see is John Gruden getting very passionate about Brian Robiskie from Ohio State.  And then Marshall Faulk actually said Robiskie “catches the ball with his hands”.  So this is the hard hitting commentary everyone talks about?


The Denver Broncos have traded a first round pick in the 2010 draft to the Seahawks for the 37th selection in this year’s draft.  The Broncos better be a very good team next year, otherwise the value here just doesn’t make sense.  They obviously like Alphonso Smith from Wake Forest, but a first round pick for a second rounder?  Very curious.


Still waiting for the Chiefs to do something, anything here in the second round.  But in the meantime we get to be entertained by another Raiders selection.  Maybe they’ll take a punter.  Can you draft equiptment managers?  If he’s the fastest EM in th league I bet Al Davis would call his number.

Oh man, they’ve flip flopped with New England so we have to wait one more pick to ridicule the Raiders.

Now comes word that they didn’t flip flop at all, but instead the Patriots now have back to back picks.  These are the things you can do when you have 10 picks.  The Raiders went back to the 47th overall and also snagged 4th and 6th round picks.


And there goes one of my favorite guys in the draft, CB Darius Butler from UConn to the Patriots.

I’m still hoping Pioli can come back into the second round and pick up one of the other guys I really like: Connor Barwin or Everette Brown.


And just like that, Everette Brown from Florida State is taken by the Carolina Panthers with the 43rd pick.  It looks like my only man-crush left is Connor Barwin from Cincy.

Dear Scott Pioli,

Please get a second round pick and draft Connor Barwin.


Ryan Jones


My letter must not have gotten to 1 Arrowhead Drive in time.  Because Connor Barwin was just selected by the Houston Texans.  Talk about a crazy defense down in Houston now with Mario Williams, DeMeco Ryans, Brian Cushing and now Connor Barwin.  Nice job by the Texans.

I’ve flipped back to ESPN for now, even though Herm Edwards make me puke a little bit, and they are talking about QB Pat White from West Virginia going to the Dolphins.  I really like that pick because he will put a new face on the Wildcat.  Todd McShay is going on about White as a WR, but I see him as a QB that will have the chance to be deadly since he brings actual passing skills to the Wildcat.  Ronnie Brown did a great job last season, but it was a novelty when he passed the ball.  With White — who has a cannon — you can turn the Wildcat into a much more straigt up offense, it doesn’t have to just be a wrinkle.


How could I have missed this?  The Raiders selected S Michael Mitchell from Ohio University with the 47th pick.  This is a player that was not at the combine and according to Mel Kiper, he spoke to multiple teams that clearly rated him as a free agent.  I hope Al Davis lives forever, because he makes the draft so much fun.


The Cowboys almost pulled a “Minnesota” by passing on their selection in the second round.  They traded the pick to the Bills at the last second, but we almost had the moment of the draft if the Browns would have jumped over the Cowboys pick.  Oh well…  No Chiefs picks and nothing — other than the Raiders picking their players out of a hat — very exciting going on.


Still no action in Kansas City.



I was hoping Scott Pioli would throw us a bone and make the small trade up to one of these last picks in the second round but unfortunately that isn’t the case.  So like many of you, I was expecting a lot of action but it just never materialized.

Luckily we have a lot of picks to look at tomorrow and I would imagine (though after today who knows) the Chiefs will be bouncing around a lot like Pioli’s old team the Patriots did today.

Thanks for hanging out throughout the day and hopefully there’s much more to talk about during rounds 3-7.

Better luck tomorrow!

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