Draft Day Live Blog 2.0

Draft Day is finally here!

I’ll be live blogging the entire first round and there will no doubt be plenty to talk about.

Trade up, trade down, stand pat!  Who knows what will happen?


Keep refreshing the page for the latest!


Just woke up from a pre-draft nap.

I’m sure Scott Pioli prepared for tonight the same way.


Flipping between ESPN and NFL Network, I catch Mike Mayock’s final-final mock draft.  He has the Chiefs selecting Russell Okung.  If Eric Berry is on the board, they have to take him…  Right?


Back to ESPN.  Tom Jackson just mispronounced Ndamukong Suh twice in one “breakdown”.  I’d love to know the Vegas over/under on different ways Suh’s name will be pronounced tonight.  It would have to be up towards 50.


Still with “Empire State of Mind”, ESPN?  C’mon, couldn’t we use something slightly less obvious?


“Good evening football fans…  The 2010 NFL Draft is officially open.  The St. Louis Rams are on the clock.”


The Rams have put in their card and Sam Bradford is on the phone.

“With the first pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the St. Louis Rams select, Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma.”

Things go according to plan out of the gate.


Why does Gerald McCoy look like someone just stole his lunch money?  You’re about to be a millionaire, kid…  Smile!


The pick is in and Suh is on the phone…  and he’s the pick.

I sure hope the next two picks are this boring so Eric Berry can make his way to the Chiefs at No. 5.


This is crazy.  The picks are flying in without any drama.

Gerald McCoy goes to Tampa Bay.

You see what’s going on here Washington Redskins??  Go with the flow here and take one of the offensive tackles.  You can’t draft a SAFETY at No. 4 overall.


This is where things get interesting.

Do the Redskins go with the logical choice and take Russell Okung?  Maybe Trent Williams?  Or do they break this Chiefs fans heart and jump at the best defensive back in the draft: Eric Berry.


Dear Scott Pioli,

Please select Eric Berry or trade the pick.

Thank you,

The KC Chiefs Blog Staff


And it’s Eric Berry!

Scott Pioli delivers the second best player in the entire draft to Kansas City.

Amazing beyond words.


Russell Okung goes to the Seahawks and it’s a great pick for Seattle.

My desire for Berry was not a knock on Okung at all.  The man is a beast, but safety was a wasteland for the Chiefs last year and immediately is now one of their best positions.


The Browns are apparently trying to decide between Kyle Wilson and Joe Haden.

Go with Haden, boys.  Kid is a Pro Bowl CB waiting to happen.


Cleveland goes with Haden.

Great, great pick.  He might not be as good as Revis, but he’ll be close sooner rather than later.


The Oakland Raiders select…  Usain Bolt…  wait, they took Rolando McClain?  Wow, that’s a fantastic pick for the Raiders.

There’s NO WAY Al Davis made this selection.


Wow, these picks are flying in and the Buffalo Bills take CJ Spiller.  First real SHOCK of the draft.

Spiller can flat out ball, but this is anything but a need for Buffalo.


I hate to harp on it, but these selections really are coming in quickly.  I love it.

It’s amazing that none of these teams have been able to trade back.  With the money troubles the Jags have had, I can’t believe they want to pay a Top 10 pick.


Maybe the Jags got Tyson Alualu to agree to a below slot deal?  First true reach of the draft.


Guess I spoke too soon.  The Broncos have traded their pick to the 49ers.  It only cost them a 4th round pick to move up.



Niners jumped the Dolphins to take Anthony Davis from Rutgers.

If they were looking for a RT, why not wait until the second round?  A guy like Derrick Morgan or Earl Thomas would have helped them much more next season.


Seriously, was it something I said?  The Miami Dolphins have traded out of the No. 12 spot and swapped with the San Diego Chargers.

If the rest of the round will be trade-filled, would love to see Scott Pioli get involved here.  Earl Thomas to lock up the safety position?  That would be incredible.


The newest member of the AFC West is Ryan Mathews from Fresno State.

That’s one way to replace LaDainian Tomlinson.


Like I said earlier, there are going to be a ton of trades!

The Broncos have traded back… again.  This time with the Eagles and have picked up two third round picks for their troubles.  Denver will be a major player the rest of the draft.


The Eagles moved up to take Earl Thomas, but then they took Brandon Graham.  This draft may have started slow, but it’s flat out crazy now.


The Seahawks have their future star in the secondary in Earl Thomas.  Coming away from the first round with Okung and Thomas is quite the haul for Pete Carrol.


The local fans are happy to get Jason Pierre-Paul.

The Jimmy Clausen fall of 2010 continues.


The trading has stopped for now with the amount of top shelf talent still left on the board.

The Titans go with Derrick Morgan, a safe, solid pick to help their pass rush.

If Clausen doesn’t go to the Niners, where could his floor be?  At a certain point he could get jumped by Tebow.


49ers go with Idaho’s Mike Iupati as San Francisco pushes Clausen towards the mid-twenties.


Great to see the NFL get involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation with the Steelers pick.  Great job, Commish!

Steelers take one of the Pouncey twins to help protect Byron Leftwich.


Falcons make a great pick at 19 with Missouri LB Sean Weatherspoon.  He will be a great fit for the Falcons.

By the way, Jimmy Clausen is still falling without any signs that he will be drafted anytime soon.


The Texans take CB Kareem Jackson and the Bengals will be taking TE Jermaine Gresham.

With the amount of talent still on the board, I would love to see Pioli work his way into the 25-30 range where he can pick up another instant defensive starter.


Broncos and the Patriots swap first round picks.

Hey, Scott, as long as Belichick is trading with former Pats, why not get in on some of that action?


If I’m the Packers I say “screw it”, draft Dez Bryant and just throw the ball all over the field.  Aaron Rodgers would throw from 6,000 yards!

Instead they go with the player all the “experts” said the Chiefs would select at No. 5: Bryan Bulaga.


The Pats are on the clock… would they really make Tim Tebow the second quarterback drafted?


Or the Pats could trade back… again.  This time it’s the Dallas Cowboys jumping up and it’s for OK State’s Dez Bryant.

It can’t be a promising sign for his future that he was late to the celebration of his selection at his own draft party.  Though he DID appear to have the proper shoes on.


The Broncos trade up to take the Ravens spot at No. 25 and make Tim Tebow the second QB off the board.

I’ve been a fan of Tebow’s for the past four years and now I’m forced to hate him?!  Man…


Still can’t wrap my head around this.

Tim Tebow — THE Tim Tebow — is a Denver Bronco.

I’ve defending this kid non-stop during this whole draft process and now suddenly I have this uncontrollable rage towards him.


This is really happening?  Tebow will be playing in Denver…

“I think he’ll have a package” — Tom Jackson on ESPN regarding Tim Tebow’s roll in Denver

Those are the type of things I have to make fun of now that Tebow is in Denver.


During my dismay over the Denver pick of Tebow, the Cardinals took Dan Williams and the Pats went with Rutgers CB Devin McCourty.  Both good picks.

The Pats were happy with Darius Butler out of the Big East last year and figured it can’t hurt going back to the well.


The picks keep coming in at a quick pace with the Dolphins taking Jared Odrick out of Penn State.  A little surprised to see him go before Sergio Kindle, but that’s good news for Kansas City!


Jets are able to pair Revis Island with the falling Kyle Wilson from Boise St.  Don’t forget they also have Antonio Cromartie on board, meaning the Jets can blitz every single down next season.  Unreal.


Only three picks left and the Great Clausen Fall of 2010 is still ongoing.  Could the Vikings be ready to take Favre’s successor?


The Lions trade back into the first round so they can take Jahvid Best from California.  He’s a heck of a runner, but the Lions have much bigger needs than running back.

Gotta love what the Vikings just did with this trade.  They now have the second pick tomorrow night, meaning they can ransom that selection and really stock pile selections.


Final two picks and neither team needs a quarterback.  Unless there is (another) trade, the Great Clausen Fall of 2010 will be a two-day affair.


The rich get richer…  Indy just drafted Jerry hughes out of TCU with the second-to-last pick in the first round.  This kid never stops.


Drew Brees is in the house to announce the final pick of the first round.

First he announced that he will be on the cover of Madden next year.  Uh oh, your season is over before it ever started, New Orleans.

The last pick is Patrick Robinson, CB from Florida State.  Eh.  Decent pick, but nothing to write home about considering the kind of talent (Kindle, Daryl Washington, Taylor Mays) still available.

That will do it for the first round!

Thanks for hanging around tonight and the Chiefs sure looked poised to have a HUGE Day 2.

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