Draft: Herm Likes Curry

Herman Edwards recommended the Chiefs take Aaron Curry with their top pick in this weekend’s draft according to herm3Adam Teicher:

“The linebacker is a good pick for them.  An offensive lineman is a good pick for them, the kid from Virginia (Eugene Monroe).  The kid from Texas (Brian Orakpo) is kind of a unique guy, too.  But if the linebacker is sitting there, he is a good player now.  He comes in and plays.  He’s going to play right away.  He’s a heck of a football player.”

Well, I think I’m officially sick to my stomach.  Not just because Herm thinks the Chiefs should pick the player I’ve been leading the bandwagon for, but that the man stole my description of Curry virtually word for word from the first episode of the Red & Gold Report (Around the 10:15 mark).  Herm and I have been on different pages from his first day in Kansas City and now he’s stealing my material?  I’m pretty sure the world is coming to an end.  Now I’m off to go and find another player for the Chiefs to draft…

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