Draft: Lions Reject Chiefs Trade Offer

Adam Teicher takes to the Red Zone Blog to report the Chiefs offered the No. 3 pick to the Lions and were rejected.

They offered the Lions the No. 3 pick plus a fourth round choice in return for Detroit’s other first round (No. 20) and second round (#33) picks.  The Lions rejected the offer, thus still leaving the Chiefs with just one selection on day one.

That’s a bold move by Scott Pioli and if it were a franchise other than Detroit I think it might have done the trick.  But we’ve talked about Detroit being influenced by the current economic situation more than any other franchise and it would be hard for them to explain away two huge contracts.  It’s a shame for their fans though, because with Matthew Stafford on offense and Aaron Curry on defense Detroit would have a guys to build around on both sides of the ball.

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